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Data East Sega Stern Pinball Machine DMD Controller Board DMD004 Rottendog

DMD004- Dot Matrix Driver Board compatible with Data East, Sega and some Stern Pinball pinball games.  The board that this

Gottlieb Pinball Machine System 1 Power Supply Board GPS002 Rottendog

GPS002 – is a direct plug in replacement for the original Gottlieb System 1 pinball power supply.  The original power

Gottlieb Pinball Machine System 1 Driver Board GDB001 Rottendog

GDB001 – is a direct plug in replacement for the original Gottlieb System 1 pinball Driver Board. Key Benefits –

Data East Pinball Machine Playfield Power Board PPB001 Rottendog

PPB001- Playfield Power Board (PPB) used in most Data East pinball machines.  See game listing below to see which games

MPU011C Williams Pinball Machine System 11C MPU Board Rottendog

MPU011C- This completely redesigned board replaces Williams System 11C  MPU / Driver Boards  part number D-11883-xxx (where xxx is the

Data East and Sega Pinball Machine MPU Board MPU004 Rottendog

MPU004- This completely redesigned board replaces Data East’s MPU / Driver Board  part numbers 520-50003-01, 520-50003-02, 520-50003-03 and 520-50003-04. Our

Bally Stern Pinball Machine Power Rectifier Board BPS018 Rottendog

NOTE: PLEASE READ!!! – This board can be difficult to replace. The procedure involves desoldering from the old board and then

WDP011C Williams Pinball Machine System 11B 11C Power Board Rottendog

WDP011C – Power Supply compatible with most Williams System 11B and all Williams System 11C alphanumeric pinball games. See game

Data East Pinball Machine DMD Power Supply Board DPS005 Rottendog

DPS005 – Power Supply compatible with all Data East small and medium sized DMD pinball games.  See game listing below

Data East Sega Pinball Machine Universal Flipper Board FLP023 Rottendog

FLP023 – Universal flipper board that works in all Data East / Sega pinball games that used a flipper board.

WDB095 Williams Pinball Machine WPC95 Driver Board Rottendog

Rottendog WDB095 Pinball Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. The board this replaces is Bally / Williams part

Bally Stern Pinball Machine Rectifier Power Driver Board BPS022 Rottendog

BPS022  – Combination voltage regulator and driver board used in most early solid state Bally pinball machines.  See game listing