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Twilight Zone Red Shooter Lane Replacement Plastic for Bally Pinball Machine 31-1765A-2

Replacement shooter lane plastic for Bally’s Twilight Zone Peel-off protective coating present on both sides.

Twilight Zone Clear Plastics – Set of 2

Replacement Twilight Zone Plastics, part #s 31-1765A-4 & 31-1765-34.    

Whirlwind Pinball Machine by Williams

Pre-owned Williams Whirl Wind pinball machine. Shopped out with new plastics, ramps, flipper kits and LED lighting.  Ready for a

Williams Indiana Jones or Dirty Harry Gun Handle Set 21-6692-12

Metal gun handle set for Williams INDIANA JONES pinball machine or DIRTY HARRY pinball machine. Sold as a set of

AE1-25-1000 Williams Pinball Machine Coil

Common solenoid coil with diode used on many manufacturers pinball machines Includes slide on/off connector terminals.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Plastic Protector Set

Laser cut PETG plastic protector set. Keep your common to break plastics safe. PETG is an impact resistant plastic the

Corvette Sling Shot Plastics

Corvette SlingShot Plastics  for Bally Pinball Machine