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Pinball Machine Hex Spacer 1/4″ F-F 6-32 x 5/8″

1/4 inch hex standoff post with 2 female 6-32 threaded ends. Length is 5/8 inch.

Pinball Machine Screw 6-32 x 2-1/2″ 4006-01027-40

Machine Screw 6-32 x 2-1/2″ long , phillips with round washer head. Common playfield post fastener.   Part Reference Numbers:

Pinball Machine Switch Miniature 1-3/4 Inch Lever With Hook 5647-12133-12

Bally / Williams snap action outhole microswitch. Miniature style, includes 1-3/4″ flat actuator with 3/8″ hook used in pinball machines.

Rubber Post Cap – White 38-6543

White rubber post caps fit most post studs and are used to secure playfield plastics.   Part reference numbers: Bally

Speaker Panel H Channel Trim for Bally Williams Pinball Machine 03-8265-1

The “H” channel is the black plastic trim between backglass and the speaker panel. Dimensions: 27″ long x 1″ wide

Terminator 2 Williams Pinball Machine Plastic Skull 03-8569 T2-S

New production Williams Terminator 2 pinball machine plastic skull. Parts reference numbers: 03-8569 plastic skull A-14772 skull assembly

Whirlwind Lift Ramp Assembly for Williams Pinball Machine B-13233

Williams Whirlwind pinball machine lift ramp assembly. Parts reference numbers: B-13233

Williams Pinball Machine Key Hook Wire 12-6230

$1.99 $0.99
Key hook used on most pinball machine coin doors  to hold backbox keys. Reference numbers: 12A-6230 27-1025

Williams Pinball Machine Threaded Mini Post 8-32 x 3/4″

Nickel plated ball guide mini post for Williams pinball machine playfields. 8-32 x 3/4 inch long machine threaded section and

Wire Gate for Williams Pinball Machine 12-6731

Ball gate wire form for Williams pinball machines.   Compatible parts reference numbers: 12-6731 Spinner wire Used in A-11387 spinner

World Cup Soccer – 2 Ramp Set – Gate 1 and 2 for Bally Williams Pinball Machine WCS94-2RS

This ramp set comes with decals and all riveted parts as shown. Your fans will scream after you install this