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Barrel Spring for Shooter Rod Assembly on Pinball Machine 10-149

Barrel shaped, bright finish shooter spring used on many brands of pinball machine ball shooter assemblies. ———- Used in the

Stern Black Old Style Lockbar – No Hole 500-6882-02-00

Front 22 inch lockdown bar (front armor molding) for Data East / Sega and late model Stern  pinball machines. Black

Stern Data East Pinball Machine Pop Bumper Body 545-5197-00

Data East / Sega / Stern white plastic pop bumper body. Used in all models of Data East / Sega

Stern Data East Sega Pinball Machine Coil No Diode 090-5046-00-ND

Small solenoid coil used in some Data East, Sega, and late-model Stern Pinball games. No diode across solder lugs. Coil

Stern Data East Sega Pinball Machine Coil with Diode on Bottom 090-5022-00

Data East / Sega / Stern solenoid coil with diode location on bottom. Used in the following games: DATA EAST

Stern Sega Data East Button Bumper Rubber Grommet 545-5105-00

Button bumper rubber grommet used on many Vertical Up Kicker (VUK) and knocker assemblies as the plunger rest stop.  

Stern Sega Data East Pinball Machine Spring – Compression 1-1/2″ 266-5020-00

Compression spring used on relay for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines in the VUK (vertical up-kicker) and

Universal Slot Switch Protector for Pinball Machine

Protect your playfield rollover switch slots from wear by using these stainless steel slot protectors. Installation requires no tools and

Drop Target Stern Sega Rollover Wide Top White 545-5533-01

Wide top rollover plastic drop target for Stern / Sega games. Target head is 1.05 inches tall.   Used in

Flipper Rebuild Kit for Data East and Sega Pinball Machine 500-6306-20_rev_b

Each kit rebuilds 2 flipper mechanisms. Used in the following Data East pinball machines: Jurassic Park Last Action Hero Tales