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Barrel Spring for Shooter Rod Assembly on Pinball Machine 10-149

Barrel shaped, bright finish shooter spring used on many brands of pinball machine ball shooter assemblies. ———- Used in the

Rubber Post Cap – White 38-6543

White rubber post caps fit most post studs and are used to secure playfield plastics.   Part reference numbers: Bally

Universal Slot Switch Protector for Pinball Machine

Protect your playfield rollover switch slots from wear by using these stainless steel slot protectors. Installation requires no tools and

Glass Corner Protectors for Pinball Machine – Set of 2

These corner protectors are the perfect solution for protecting your playfield glass from making contact with a hard surface floor

CLL-005 Alvin G. Gottlieb Pinball Machine Memory Drop Target Coil 30-800

Alvin G. small spool solenoid coil used for memory drop targets. — Reference numbers: CLL-005 30-800

Gottlieb Pinball Machine Solenoid Coil With Diode A-16570

Solenoid coil with diode used typically for outholes, pop bumpers, slingshots and upkickers. Used in Gottlieb pinball machines.

A-21741 Gottlieb Pinball Machine Solenoid Coil with Diode

Solenoid coil with diode for Gottlieb pinball machines. Reference numbers: A-21741 & D-15362 Use in the following games GOTTLIEB: ALIEN

A-24161 Gottlieb Pinball Machine Flipper Solenoid Coil

Flipper Solenoid Coil found in the following Gottlieb pinball machines: ARENA, BAD GIRLS, BIG HOUSE, BOUNTY HUNTER, CHICAGO CUBS TRIPLE

3/8″ x 1-1/2″ Red Flipper Rubber for Gottlieb or Williams Pinball Machine A-13151

1 1/2″ x 3/8″ Red Flipper Rubber. Sold individually. Used primarily on Gottlieb machines. Red flat rubber O-ring for flippers