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Barrel Spring for Shooter Rod Assembly on Pinball Machine 10-149

Barrel shaped, bright finish shooter spring used on many brands of pinball machine ball shooter assemblies. ———- Used in the

Custom Basketball Knob Shooter Rod Plunger for Pinball Machine

$18.99 $9.99
Standard size shooter rod with custom orange and black color basketball handle.      

Data East Pinball Machine Coil Sleeve 1-3/16 inch x 5/16 inch diameter 545-5500-00

Small coil sleeve 1-3/16 inch overall length with 1/8 inch flange. Sleeve outer diameter is 5/16 inches. This sleeve is

Microswitch Subminiature Lever Actuator Switch 1.25 Inch 180-5010-04

Micro switch with 1 1/4″ actuator Used in conjunction with the 180-5010-00 spinner

Stern Black Old Style Lockbar – No Hole 500-6882-02-00

Front 22 inch lockdown bar (front armor molding) for Data East / Sega and late model Stern  pinball machines. Black

Stern Data East Pinball Machine Pop Bumper Body 545-5197-00

Data East / Sega / Stern white plastic pop bumper body. Used in all models of Data East / Sega

Stern Data East Sega Pinball Machine Coil No Diode 090-5046-00-ND

Small solenoid coil used in some Data East, Sega, and late-model Stern Pinball games. No diode across solder lugs. Coil

Stern Data East Sega Pinball Machine Coil with Diode on Bottom 090-5022-00

Data East / Sega / Stern solenoid coil with diode location on bottom. Used in the following games: DATA EAST

Stern Sega Data East Button Bumper Rubber Grommet 545-5105-00

Button bumper rubber grommet used on many Vertical Up Kicker (VUK) and knocker assemblies as the plunger rest stop.  

Stern Sega Data East Pinball Machine Spring – Compression 1-1/2″ 266-5020-00

Compression spring used on relay for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines in the VUK (vertical up-kicker) and

Wire Gate 3.375 x 2.62 Inch Left Bend

Wire gate used on Data East / Sega / Stern pinball machines. Measures 3.375″ tip-to-tip overall width x 2.62″ inner