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3 Bank Drop Target Assembly for Bally Williams Pinball Machine C-11223-1-P

$179.00 $99.00
Original New Old Stock / NOS Williams part! Drop Target Assy for Bally Williams Pinball Machine ———————————————- For use in

Bally Williams Pinball Machine Mini Steel Metal Post 8-32 Thread 02-4003

Steel metal mini-post with 8-32 thread mounting stud used on Bally / Williams machines. Reference Number: 02-4003

Barrel Spring for Shooter Rod Assembly on Pinball Machine 10-149

Barrel shaped, bright finish shooter spring used on many brands of pinball machine ball shooter assemblies. ———- Used in the

Bracket and Coil Assembly for Bally Williams Pinball Machine B-9362-L-2

$39.99 $19.99
Original New Old Stock / NOS Williams part! AE-26-1200 coil and bracket assembly. ———————————————- For use in the following games:

Bumper Post 8-32 Dual Ring 6-32 Stud 02-4493

Special playfield double rubber ring post with 8-32 bottom thread and 6-32 top stud threads. Part number: 02-4493 Used in

Bumper Post 8-32 Stud Dual Ring 02-4608

Dual rubber bumper post with 8-32 bottom machine thread. Part number: 02-4608 Used in the following machines: BALLY: Creature From

Comet Cycle Jump Ramp Shroud for Williams Pinball Machine

Comet Cycle Jump Ramp (shroud) All your jumps will land perfect with no crashes (or cracks) with this new 3-hole

Custom 8 Ball Knob Shooter Rod Ball Plunger for Pool or Billiards Pinball Machine

$18.99 $9.99
Standard size shooter rod with custom black and white color Eight ball handle. Perfect for the 8 Eight Ball Deluxe

Custom Gene Simmons Demon Face Knob Shooter Rod Ball Plunger for KISS Pinball Machine

$18.99 $9.99
Standard size shooter rod with custom black and white color Gene Simmons / Demon face handle. Perfect for the Stern

Custom Soccer Ball Knob Shooter Rod Plunger for World Cup Soccer or Striker Pinball Machine

$18.99 $9.99
Standard size shooter rod with custom black and white color soccer ball handle. Perfect for the World Cup Soccer or

Dicta Bird Figurine and Bracket Assembly for The Flintstones Williams Pinball Machine

Williams The Flintstones pinball machine Dicta-Bird playfield figure and bracket assembly. Part reference number: 03-9194 A-18079

Eject Cam Arm for Bally Williams Pinball Machine A-8247

Eject Cam arm for Bally Williams Pinball Machines. A-8247 Used in the following machines: BALLY ADDAMS FAMILY GOLD, BLACK ROSE,

F14 Tomcat Left Ball Lock Gate Wire for Williams Pinball Machine 12-6736

Williams F-14 Tomcat pinball machine left ball gate wire.   Reference part numbers: Ball Gate Assembly Pocket – Center left

Flipper Return and Drop Target Return Spring for Pinball Machine 10-364

The most common flipper return and drop target return spring for use on late model Williams, Bally and other brand

Loop Bracket Assembly for Williams No Good Gofers Pinball Machine A-21988

Williams No Good Gofers Loop bracket assembly. Item comes as shown , assembled. Please view all photos provided.  This is

Mini Post Wood Screw Thread 530-5004-00

Playfield minipost with wood screw base measures 1-7/16 inch overall. (also known as Williams part number: 02-3905) This mini post

No Fear Catcher Ramp for Williams Pinball Machine NF-CR

Williams No Fear pinball machine catcher ramp assembly. The new catcher ramp for No Fear does not include the hanger

Pinball Machine Hex Spacer 1/4 Inch F-F 6-32 x 1-1/4 Inches

Zinc plated brass female threaded hex standoff 1/4″ hex x 1-1/4″ length, 6-32 screw size. Parts reference numbers: 02-4252-20 Replaces

Pinball Machine Hex Spacer 1/4″ F-F 6-32 x 5/8″

1/4 inch hex standoff post with 2 female 6-32 threaded ends. Length is 5/8 inch.

Pinball Machine Screw 6-32 x 2-1/2″ 4006-01027-40

Machine Screw 6-32 x 2-1/2″ long , phillips with round washer head. Common playfield post fastener.   Part Reference Numbers:

Pinball Machine Switch Miniature 1-3/4 Inch Lever With Hook 5647-12133-12

Bally / Williams snap action outhole microswitch. Miniature style, includes 1-3/4″ flat actuator with 3/8″ hook used in pinball machines.

Rubber Post Cap – White 38-6543

White rubber post caps fit most post studs and are used to secure playfield plastics.   Part reference numbers: Bally

Speaker Panel H Channel Trim for Bally Williams Pinball Machine 03-8265-1

The “H” channel is the black plastic trim between backglass and the speaker panel. Dimensions: 27″ long x 1″ wide

Terminator 2 Williams Pinball Machine Plastic Skull 03-8569 T2-S

New production Williams Terminator 2 pinball machine plastic skull. Parts reference numbers: 03-8569 plastic skull A-14772 skull assembly

Whirlwind Lift Ramp Assembly for Williams Pinball Machine B-13233

Williams Whirlwind pinball machine lift ramp assembly. Parts reference numbers: B-13233

Williams Pinball Machine Key Hook Wire 12-6230

$1.99 $0.99
Key hook used on most pinball machine coin doors  to hold backbox keys. Reference numbers: 12A-6230 27-1025

Williams Pinball Machine Threaded Mini Post 8-32 x 3/4″

Nickel plated ball guide mini post for Williams pinball machine playfields. 8-32 x 3/4 inch long machine threaded section and

Wire Gate for Williams Pinball Machine 12-6731

Ball gate wire form for Williams pinball machines.   Compatible parts reference numbers: 12-6731 Spinner wire Used in A-11387 spinner

World Cup Soccer – 2 Ramp Set – Gate 1 and 2 for Bally Williams Pinball Machine WCS94-2RS

This ramp set comes with decals and all riveted parts as shown. Your fans will scream after you install this