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The PinPac 2 Personal Audio Controller will meet the demand of current and future Stern Pinball titles that have a Lower Dollar Bill Acceptor (LDBA) on their coin door. The original design of our custom PinPac 1 plate enabled users to mount the kit in the upper Dollar Bill Acceptor (UDBA) slot in both Wms/Bally and Stern coin doors. However, some Stern titles did not provide an UDBA slot! Recently we have seen Stern shift to only providing LDBA slots or no slots! (see our new PP3 solution for those type doors!).

New PP2 Design:

Pinnovators went to work on the new PP2 design! We went right to the source and got a stock of original factory LDBA coin door plates! The plates were machined and the PinPac electronics were installed on the plates. We made a total of 10 Prototype kits and announced them on Most of the kits went to owners of ACDC and Tron systems. The owners were BLOWN away by the sound quality on these systems! Feedback was tremendous so production began as soon as plates arrived!

Ease of installation:

Carrying forward our PinPac system design, the PP2 provides the same quick and easy installation as the PP1. The SINGLE interface/delivery cable provides a super clean and non-invasive look to your game. The circuit board on the PP2 is now even smaller than the original too!


PinPac 2 works on Stern games with a Lower Dollar Bill Acceptor slot. Example: Transformers, Tron, AC/DC, Avengers, Hulk, Xmen, Wolverine, Magneto, Metallica, and future Stern games.

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