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Rubber Post Cap – White 38-6543

White rubber post caps fit most post studs and are used to secure playfield plastics.   Part reference numbers: Bally

Stern Pinball Machine Rubber Bumper Pad Blue 626-5085-00

Rubber damper pad blue for ramp edges. 1-1/2 long x 5/8 wide x 1/4 inch thick Early production of this

Stern Pinball Machine Rubber Bumper Pad Blue Wedge Ramp Wall Protector 626-5075-00

Blue wedge shaped ramp protect bumper pad with 2 mounting holes. 3/4 bottom x 7/8 top x 1 high x

Stern Sega Data East Button Bumper Rubber Grommet 545-5105-00

Button bumper rubber grommet used on many Vertical Up Kicker (VUK) and knocker assemblies as the plunger rest stop.  

White silicone rubber ring – 4″ I.D. 700-0026-00

White silicone rubber ring for use in pinball machine. 4-inch inside diameter

1/2″ Stern / Sega / Data East Black Rubber Post Sleeve – 545-5151-00

5/8″ OD (outer diameter); 5/16″ ID (inner diameter); 1/2″ High. Stern/Sega/Data East Reference #545-5151-00

7/8″ Black Rubber Post Sleeve 23-6552-1

Short black post sleeve 1/2″ OD , 7/8″ High Williams 23-6552-1 Data East / Sega / Stern #545-5009-00

Color Post Sleeves

Perfect 1″ height matches all Williams, Bally, Stern & Gottlieb metal posts. No more broken plastics from compressing too tall