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1/2″ Stern / Sega / Data East Black Rubber Post Sleeve – 545-5151-00

5/8″ OD (outer diameter); 5/16″ ID (inner diameter); 1/2″ High. Stern/Sega/Data East Reference #545-5151-00

7/8″ Black Rubber Post Sleeve 23-6552-1

Short black post sleeve 1/2″ OD , 7/8″ High Williams 23-6552-1 Data East / Sega / Stern #545-5009-00

Color Post Sleeves

Custom color matched and engineered to the same play characteristics as common black rubber sleeves. Super slick surface WON’T deteriorate

Colored Flipper Rubbers

Change your color, not your bounce! All of our rings are made at Shore A45 (the equivalent of standard black

Rubber bumper yellow 23-6770

Yellow post sleeve used in the genie spinning lamp assembly on Williams Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball machine. This is the correct size

Rubber Grommet Plunger Rest 23-6420

Rubber grommet used as plunger rest on up-kickers, knockers, pop bumper assemblies. Commonly worn or missing from up kickers causing

Rubber sleeve black 1-1/16″ – 23-6556

Black 1 1/16″ rubber sleeve 23-6556 Sega / Stern / Data East 545-5260-00 545-5009-00 A-26648Y 26648

Soft Colored Flipper Rubbers

Soft Compound Flipper Rubber. More bounce and action. Price is for one flipper rubber. COLORS: Red / Orange / Yellow