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Tales From The Crypt Partial Plastic Set

NOS plastics for Data East’s Tales From The Crypt, includes plastics shown.

Theatre of Magic Clear Ramp Plastic Set

Set of 2 pieces. Blue protective coating peels off before installation.

Twilight Zone Bally Pinball Machine Commonly Damaged 7 Piece Replacement Plastic Set

7 piece Easy-Break plastic set for Bally’s Twilight Zone pinball machine. (Contains the most commonly damaged playfield plastics.)

Cirqus Voltaire 4 Piece Clear Plastic Set 31-2833

4 piece partial clear plastic set for the playfield of the Circus Voltaire Pinball Machine

Cirqus Voltaire 6 Piece Clear Plastic Set 31-2833

Partial clear plastic set for the playfield and back box of Pinball Machine Circus Voltaire 

Star Trek Partial NOS Plastic Set 31-1803

New old stock partial plastic set for Star Trek the Next Generation. Limited Quantities.

Tales of the Arabian Nights NOS 10 Piece Partial Plastic Set TOTAN

Partial set of NOS TOTAN plastics. Ten pieces. What you see is what you get.