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Target Switch Yellow Oblong Front Mount A-18530-6

Yellow oblong target switch, Front mount. CP, CV, JY, MM, SC, Shadow, TotAN

Target Switch Red Oblong Front mt A-18530-4

Red oblong target switch, Front mount. JY, RFM, WCS, WD

Green Deep Square Target Switch A-18018-21

Green square deep target switch, front mount. AFM, RFM Revenge From Mars requires both A-18018-21 and A-21576-21 targets

Yellow Deep Oblong Target Switch A-18017-6

Yellow deep oblong target switch, front mount. I500, TotAN

Red Rectangular Target with Rear Mount A-17226-4

Red rectangle target switch, rear mount. (Popeye, Corvette)

Target Switch Black Oblong Rear mt A-16816-7

Black oblong target switch, rear mount. (Who Dunnit)