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Bally Williams Pinball Machine Mini Steel Metal Post 8-32 Thread 02-4003

Steel metal mini-post with 8-32 thread mounting stud used on Bally / Williams machines. Reference Number: 02-4003

Bumper Post 8-32 Dual Ring 6-32 Stud 02-4493

Special playfield double rubber ring post with 8-32 bottom thread and 6-32 top stud threads. Part number: 02-4493 Used in

Bumper Post 8-32 Stud Dual Ring 02-4608

Dual rubber bumper post with 8-32 bottom machine thread. Part number: 02-4608 Used in the following machines: BALLY: Creature From

Mini Post Wood Screw Thread 530-5004-00

Playfield minipost with wood screw base measures 1-7/16 inch overall. (also known as Williams part number: 02-3905) This mini post

Red Star Post 03-8319-9

Red star post  AFM, BSD, Corvette, DH, DM, DW, HD, Hurricane, I500, JB, MM, NF, Pinball_Circus, RFM, Radical, SS, STTNG, Shadow,

Adjusting Post 02-5107

Dual rubber ring adjustable post – used on many WPC/WPC95 and other games 02-5107

Williams/Bally 1″ Plastic Mini Post Clear 03-8044-13

Clear mini post. BBBB, BR, BoP, CC, CP, CV, CftBL, DD, FS, I500, JD, JM, MB, NBA, NF, NGG, PZ,

Williams/Bally 1″ Plastic Mini Post Red 03-8044-9

Red mini post.  AFM, BSD, BoP, CV, Corvette, DH, DM, FT, HS2, Hurricane, JB, JY, MM, NGG, Popeye, RFM, RG,