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Bally Williams Pinball Machine Mini Steel Metal Post 8-32 Thread 02-4003

Steel metal mini-post with 8-32 thread mounting stud used on Bally / Williams machines. Reference Number: 02-4003

Bumper Post 8-32 Dual Ring 6-32 Stud 02-4493

Special playfield double rubber ring post with 8-32 bottom thread and 6-32 top stud threads. Part number: 02-4493 Used in

Bumper Post 8-32 Stud Dual Ring 02-4608

Dual rubber bumper post with 8-32 bottom machine thread. Part number: 02-4608 Used in the following machines: BALLY: Creature From

Data East Pinball Machine Coil Sleeve 1-3/16 inch x 5/16 inch diameter 545-5500-00

Small coil sleeve 1-3/16 inch overall length with 1/8 inch flange. Sleeve outer diameter is 5/16 inches. This sleeve is

Mini Post 8-32 x 1/2 Inch Wood Screw Thread 530-5004-00

Common nickel plated ball guide mini-post with 8-32 x 1/2 inch long threaded stud section uses 23/64 inch OD or

Plunger Assembly for Stern Pinball Machine 3.81 Inches 515-6119-02

Plunger and nylon extension tip assembly used on Stern machines. Please check below to make sure it is used in

Stern Ghostbusters Premium or LE Pinball Machine Ecto Google Keep Out Shield Accessory Kit 502-7024-00

For Ghostbusters Premium and LE machines manufactured with serial number 263224 and lower. Parts reference numbers: 502-7024-00 Ecto google shield

Stern Sega Data East Pinball Machine Spring – Compression 1-1/2″ 266-5020-00

Compression spring used on relay for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines in the VUK (vertical up-kicker) and

Ramp Diverter Cover Right Side 545-6000-00

Right side plastic ramp diverter cover used on such games as: ROLLER COASTER TYCOON RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT NASCAR

Getaway High Speed II 2 Supercharger Cover for Williams Pinball Machine

Getaway HS2 / High Speed 2 Super Charger plastic cover set. Don’t let this one getaway!  Capture a new Super