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Circular Shaft Plunger Head used in Stern Pinball Machine 530-5511-01

Circular shaft / Plunger Head part used to repair the Aerosmith pinball machine.

Lamp Socket – Bayonet Base Three Terminal for Pinball Machine 077-5001-00

Lamp socket fits #44 and #47 lamps. Staple down style with 3 lugs.  Part number: 077-5001-00

Plunger Assembly for Stern Pinball Machine 3.81 Inches 515-6119-02

Plunger and nylon extension tip assembly used on Stern machines. Please check below to make sure it is used in

Stern Sega Data East Pinball Machine Spring – Compression 1-1/2″ 266-5020-00

Compression spring used on relay for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines in the VUK (vertical up-kicker) and

Williams Pinball Machine Key Hook Wire 12-6230

$1.99 $0.99
Key hook used on most pinball machine coin doors  to hold backbox keys. Reference numbers: 12A-6230 27-1025

Williams Pinball Machine Threaded Mini Post 8-32 x 3/4″

Nickel plated ball guide mini post for Williams pinball machine playfields. 8-32 x 3/4 inch long machine threaded section and

Twin Nut Plate for Microswitch on Bally Williams Pinball Machine 01-8240

Double hole sub miniature switch nut mounting plate with 2-56 threads. Twin nut plate is used to mount many 5647-12693-XX

Getaway High Speed II Supercharger Ramp Support Bracket 31-1674-23-r

This bracket is a direct replacement for the super charger sign on The Getaway, High Speed 2. This bracket supports

PinWrench Leg Bolt and Backbox Pinball Machine Wrench

The Pin Wrench *  One Wrench To Rule Them All  * This handy dual hinged ratcheting wrench has both a


Late model Stern pinball machine plunger used in 515-6537-04-56 assembly