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Circular Shaft Plunger Head used in Stern Pinball Machine 530-5511-01

Circular shaft / Plunger Head part used to repair the Aerosmith pinball machine.

Lamp Socket – Bayonet Base Three Terminal for Pinball Machine 077-5001-00

Lamp socket fits #44 and #47 lamps. Staple down style with 3 lugs.  Part number: 077-5001-00

Plunger Assembly for Stern Pinball Machine 3.81 Inches 515-6119-02

Plunger and nylon extension tip assembly used on Stern machines. Please check below to make sure it is used in

Stern Sega Data East Pinball Machine Spring – Compression 1-1/2″ 266-5020-00

Compression spring used on relay for Stern / Sega / Data East pinball machines in the VUK (vertical up-kicker) and

Williams Pinball Machine Key Hook Wire 12-6230

$1.99 $0.99
Key hook used on most pinball machine coin doors  to hold backbox keys. Reference numbers: 12A-6230 27-1025

Williams Pinball Machine Threaded Mini Post 8-32 x 3/4″

Nickel plated ball guide mini post for Williams pinball machine playfields. 8-32 x 3/4 inch long machine threaded section and

Bally Williams Passive Ball Stop 04-12740.1

This miracle piece of metal will keep your machine’s pinballs in the trough while your playfield is in the upright

Twin Nut Plate for Microswitch on Bally Williams Pinball Machine 01-8240

Double hole sub miniature switch nut mounting plate with 2-56 threads. Twin nut plate is used to mount many 5647-12693-XX

Getaway High Speed II Supercharger Ramp Support Bracket 31-1674-23-r

This bracket is a direct replacement for the super charger sign on The Getaway, High Speed 2. This bracket supports

PinWrench Leg Bolt and Backbox Pinball Machine Wrench

The Pin Wrench *  One Wrench To Rule Them All  * This handy dual hinged ratcheting wrench has both a