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Stern Sega Pinball Machine Flipper Coil Stop Assembly Revision A 515-6308-01

Sega / Stern Flipper Coil Stop Coil stop assembly used in flipper assemblies 500-5944-XX in Sega and Stern games. Used

Coil Stop A-12390

Coil Stop A-12390 Used on all Williams/Bally games from 08/1993 to 06/1999.

Coil Stop for Flipper Early Williams Pinball Machine A-12111

Coil Stop A-12111 Used on Williams/Bally games from 02/1988 to 04/1993.

Coil Stop for Flipper Williams Pinball Machine A-10821

Coil Stop A-10821 Williams coil stop used on the following games: Laser Cue Space Shuttle (some machines, but not all)